You will be using an Arduino board which will need to driver to work correctly.

Carefully follow the instructions below. There is also a video should you prefer visual help.

  • Mac Download the driver Or Windows download this driver
  • Double click the ZIP file do unzip it
  • Open the folder ~/Downloads/CH341SER_MAC
  • Run installer found in that folder
  • If asked to restart, do not restart just yet.
  • This next step is only needed if you are on OS-X Yosemite. For older versions of OS-X you do not need it:
    • Open Terminal Application (it's located in /Application/Utilities) and type this command once you see a prompt:
    • sudo nvram boot-args="kext-dev-mode=1"
    • See this post if you wish to know why we need to run this command. I believe you need to do this because the driver is not signed properly, or is simply too old for Yosemite. Hopefully newer versions won't require this step and will automatically become enabled.

  • Now restart your laptop