Welcome to IGCSE ICT

It is extremely important that you understand the structure of the IGCSE ICT course.
You need to save a copy of the syllabus below and make sure that you spend some time reading through it.

Before you start

Throughout this course, you will be making use of Google Apps, Edmodo and reflex. Bookmark these addresses as you will use them regularly.

Ask your teacher to send you your username / password for the reflex site.

Section 1: Types and Components of Computer Systems

(a) define hardware, giving examples
(b) define software, giving examples
(c) describe the difference between hardware and software
(d) identify the main components of a general-purpose computer: central processing unit, main/internal
memory (including ROM and RAM), input devices, output devices and secondary/backing storage
(e) identify operating systems, including those which contain a graphical user interface, a command line
(f) identify different types of computer including Personal Computer or desktop, mainframe, laptop, palmtop
and Personal Digital Assistant
(g) describe recent developments in ICT

Complete the worksheets below. Useful links are highlighted at the top of the page
This will help develop your understanding of the components of a computer system.

Inside the CPU

Operating Systems

The Operating System (OS) of a computer is the complex software that actually controls the input, output and storage devices of the computer, as well as acting as an interface between the user and any other software that is installed. Examples of different operating systems are; Linux Unix, Windows 7, MS DOS, Ubuntu, OS X Mountain Lion.

User interface

The system that people use to interact with a computer. Many computer operating systems use complex programming languages which are not easy to use, therefore, a user interface is created to allow easier control of the operating system by the user of the system.

In order to gain a better understanding of this topic, download and complete the worksheet below. Upload and share to your google apps account when you finish.

Recent Developments in ICT - Group Task

In groups, you are to research one of three recent developments in ICT (your teacher will tell you which technology you are to research) and create a Google presentation for the rest of the class which should include mainly text but can also include images and (short) video clips or animations. Remember to put everything in your own words but to also reference your sources

Your presentation must:
  • Give an overview of the history and development of the particular technology / development.
  • Outline its main features.
  • Give some examples of its application in the real world.

Possible research topics and useful links:
  • The evolution of the Apple iPhone
History and Development of the iPhone
iPhone Image Timeline
How iPhone Blew Up The Wireless Industry (Further Reading)
  • Developments in Nanotechnology
Applications of Nanotechnology
Impact of Nanotechnology (Wikipedia - DO NOT QUOTE!)
BBC Click - Nanotechnology and Thailand's Floods
  • Web 2.0 tools
Web 2.0 Basics
Seven Key Features of Web 2.0
The Best of Web 2.0