Human-Computer Interaction

Researches the design and use of computer technology, focusing particularly on the interfaces between people (users) and computers. Basically, human-computer interaction is concerned with creating designs which provide a satisfying user experience.

Have you ever been confused or frustrated when using a computer?

The Stroop Effect

Trying to give your brain 2 sets of information at the same time which is known as the Stroop effect in Psychology.
The ability to know how other people's brains work is a useful skill and Psychologists who are able to work in the field of computer science are often in demand.
Designing better interfaces that take account of how human brains really think is a good skills. Good interface design has become an important industry, and successful products often depend on having excellent interfaces.

HCI in Product Design

Video created in 2012

Video created in 2011

User Interface Designs
Look at your phone, switch with a neighbor and discuss the benefits / drawbacks of the user interface
Can you think of other designs which have been successful or unsuccessful?

Lesson1 : Using a Makey Makey

Is a simple invention kit which allows the user to turn everyday objects into touch pads and experiment with different design ideas.

As an introduction, we will be using Scratch to create a simple program which can be used together with the Makey Makey
If you do not have Scratch, download from here.

Try out different conductive materials and software for your Makey Makey project

Makey Makey Guides

Makey Makey Gallery

Homework: Blog Post

What is HCI?
Why has it become increasingly important for technology companies?
What do you plan to create with your Makey Makey? (you will need to work with a partner and agree on an idea)
What materials will you need?

Lessons 2 & 3: Your own designs

Think about
  • Input
  • Process
  • Output
  • The user experience

You have 2 lessons to finish your designs and showcase to the class.

Your peers will then vote on your mini-project using the following criteria:

Very good(4)


User experience

Total Score Received

Homework: Blog post

What was the feedback you received from your peers?
Do you feel that you created a design which made good use of HCI?
What would you have changed if you could?