Photoshop - basic tools

How is Photoshop used in media?

Facial Makeover

Age Progression

1. Using the paint bucket and gradient tools

2. Using the text tool

3. Inserting images

4. Feathering Images

5. Made a mistake?

6. Brushes

7. Shapes

8. Cutting Images

9. Filters

Creating an effective Poster using Photoshop

The tutorial below demonstrates some useful techniques which you will find helpful when you create your own poster.
Tutorial for war poster

You will need to use the images below to complete the tutorial. Save them into your P drive

War Poster - video tutorials

Layer Mask

Easy to understand tutorial should you have problems
It's important to use copyright free images which you are free to use and even modify (advanced search - images).
Here's one which might be useful for the layer mask technique.

Age Progression Techniques
You might like to search for suitable tutorials on You Tube, but watch the video first. Some are quite simplistic, and some are aimed at advanced Photoshop users.

Various Tutorials

Again, make sure you look carefully at the tutorial before trying. Some techniques might be simple, but others are advanced.

Creating a surrealist landscape using Photohop

Creating a Simple banner for a blog / website