Flash Project


You need to create an original, animation to promote a business, event, service, product or a club. Alternatively, you could create an animated story of your choice, but there must be a point to your story. You could use this in collaboration with other subjects or PSHE.You should use storyboards to help you plan and create your animation. The animation should last between 15 - 30 seconds and should be related to the product, service, club you are promoting.
You will be assessed on :
  1. Your work and effort in class, and completed homework.
  2. Your storyboards (planning)
  3. Your ability to make appropriate use of the Flash tools covered. Your overall understanding of the principles involved in computer animation.
  4. Your ability to work on your own, to problem solve.
  5. The feedback you give to your peers.
  6. A personal evaluation and refinement of your project based on the feedback from your peers
  7. Your overall, final animation

Step 1 - Storyboard planning

Use either the word or pdf version of the storyboards below. You should complete a storyboard for every scene you plan to create. An animation might have anywhere between 4- 10 scenes depending on the length / detail of your proposed animation

Step 2 - Creating the animation

Remember to try and incorporate some of the skills covered in lessons;
  • Drawing
  • Frame by frame animation
  • Shape tweens
  • Motion tweens
  • Bone tool (IK animation)
  • Nested animations
  • Using movie clips
  • Importing and manipulating images to library
  • Adding sounds

You will find video tutorials for most of the above skills under the heading Flash (main menu bar)

Step 3 - Questionnaires & Peer Assessment

  • Firstly, you need to create a questionnaire (using a Form from your Google Apps account). Click hereYour questionnaire should include a range of questions (multiple choice, rating, text etc) and should number 10 in total.
    Depending on the time available, you might be asked to use a ready made template. If so, use the link below and log into your Google Apps account
    google.com/a/bisphuket.ac.th/templates Go to Business Forms - in the search templates search for "Flash Evaluation"
    Once you find the form, select "use this template". Then Email the form to all members of your group (using their school email address)
  • Your teacher will place you into groups. Share your flash project (swf file) and form (above) with each member of the group.
  • When you receive forms and animations from your peers, you should watch, and carefully analyse the animation. Then complete the form and ensure that any comments given are constructive and relevant to the project. Try to complete the feedback as soon as possible so everyone can start writing their evaluation.

Step 4 - Evaluation

You should read the feedback given from your peers as this will help guide you. You should also add your own comments and thoughts having now completed the project.

Create a new google document and answer the following questions in as much detail as you can.
  • What worked well?
  • What didn't work?
  • Do you think the feedback you received from your peers was justified? Did you make any changes to your animation, if so what?
  • What would you change or do differently next time? Was your animation an effective means of communication?

Step 5 - Checklist

Sign into your google apps account and go to your Drive
Create a new folder inside the folder with your name on. Name this folder "Animation project". Upload the following into this folder.
  • Completed Flash animation (swf format)
  • Your storyboards (either doc or pdf format)
  • Your Questionnaire Form (Google Form)
  • Your completed evaluation (Google Doc)

Not sure how to export your animation into a swf file? Watch here

How to export SWF files into HTML5 (which can be embedded in blogs etc)

Assessment rubric