What is Stencyl?

Stencyl is game creation software that allows you to create games with or without using code. It allows you to publish your work on major platforms such as:


Use this link to download Stencyl.

Game Design

The drag-and-drop gameplay designer is similar in nature to MIT's Scratch, except that the simple block-snapping interface is extended with new functionality and hundreds of ready-to-use blocks, including special blocks for native mobile features. Power users can create and share their own blocks, import existing code libraries and create custom classes that interact seamlessly with block-based Behaviors.
Those who prefer to code may write code to create complex behaviors or extend the engine with additional functionality.


Week 1 - Getting Started

Crash course Work through the Crash Course if you are completely new to Stencyl.
What are Kits? Often, when you create a new game in Stencyl, you'll need to start with a kit, a game template that comes with sample resources and has things like settings and game logic already configured.

What are actors?Actors represent the living, interactive part of a game. Actors are the players, enemies, projectiles, vehicles, inteface elements and anything in a game that "lives."Every actor can be broken up into a few common elements.
  • Appearance - How the actor looks or appears in-game.
  • Behavior - How the actor behaves or acts.
  • Physics - How the actor interacts with the world when it collides with it. This also determines what shape(s) the actor takes on, whether it's a box, a circle or something else.
What are behaviors?Behaviors are reusable, configurable “abilities” that you attach to Actor Types or Scenes. Together, they make up the “brains”of a game, handling all interactions that occur in the world.

Week 2 - Coding (movement)

The position of an Actor is its location within a scene, measured in X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) coordinates. (0,0) corresponds to the top left corner of the scene.
external image image12.png

AttributesMost games are very dynamic; characters move around, players press buttons, and properties like health and score change.
Attributes are changeable values that are used within Stencyl's Behaviors.
Every Attribute has both a value and an associated type. For example:

  • An Attribute called Health might have a value of 5 and the type Number.
  • An Attribute called Shirt Color might have a value of Blue and the type Color.
  • An Attribute called Hero’s Name might have a value of Link and the type Text.

Task - Coding 1
Create a scene
Import an actor
Creating an attribute which determines your actor's speed
Assigning controls using the coding

To make things simple - use this alien for your actor and tiles (copy and then paste into your game)6-0.pngred.pnggreen.png

Having problems? Watch and work through these video tutorials which will guide you step by step

If you get stuck with the coding, I've added the correct code belowScreen Shot 2556-09-29 at 2.48.57 PM.png

Week 3 - Introducing new characters and Stencyl Forge

This week, we will import some graphics / animations from Stencyl Forge. In order for you to access this (at school) you will need to change your network settings which can be found in the Preferences settings - under Network (see below). At home, you would obviously have to remove these settings.

Screen Shot 2556-10-07 at 12.26.50 PM.png
You will also need to sign up and join Stencyl. This will allow you to access the files from Stencyl Forge.Here's the link
Use your school email and untick subscribe to the news letter
Task - coding 2Changing the Stencyl Forge preferences to match school proxy settingsEnsuring your actor has left, right, up movementAdding a new event to keep your actor from moving out of the screenDownloading some new actors and creating new groups

If you get stuck with the code, I've added it hereScreen Shot 2556-10-08 at 1.58.05 PM.png


Week 4 - Firing at the Enemy==

This week you will create bullets/laser fire from your Alien to the Enemy (spaceship created in week 3)

Crash Course 2 - building a blank game
The files have also been shared with you on (Google Drive). Or you can choose to download below