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Before starting this unit, you must install SketchUp Make

Sustainable Living Unit

The skills covered in this unit will be closely linked to Design Technology (creating 3D CAD models) and Humanities (sustainable living in an urban environment). Therefore, you should draw upon any relevant topics covered in those classes to help you complete your individual projects.

Project Brief
To create a modern house using 3D software which makes suitable use of materials and space in an urban environment. You will each be allocated an identical plot of land in an area in Bangkok and your brief is to create a 3D model of a house (drawn to scale) which will later be added to Google Earth.

Assessment for this unit

What is CAD? Who uses 3D models?

Create a new blog post - "Sustainable Living" using appropriate labels.
Under the heading Grand Designs, make a list of industries which use 3D models (for example, manufacturing, entertainment).
Why do people create and use 3 models? Have you seen any in advertising or marketing?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using 3D models to create designs?

Classwork / Homework

Work through the tutorials which can be found on these pages or

Your plot of land will be given to you.
Remember the plot and soi number

Save a copy of the sketch up file and work on your allocated plot