Shape Tween


F6 (fn F6 - Mac) to insert Keyframe
F7 (fn F7 - Mac) to insert a Blank Keyframe

You can also convert text to a shape by Breaking the Text Apart

Modify - Break Apart OR
Ctrl B (command B) .

If you have more than 1 character, you will need to break apart 2 times

Motion Tween

Shape tweens have a blue background, motion tweens have a blue background. They are the most common types of tween.
Motion tweens are animated by using symbols. To convert to a symbol - F8 (fn8 -Mac)

When you insert a motion tween, Flash automatically creates a tween which lasts 1 second (according to your frame rate). You will be working with Property Keyframes when using motion tween.

Creating a Motion Tween using an exisiting animated symbol (refer back to your frame by frame animation).